Radio Wave Absorber

Radio wave absorbers are used in a wide range of applications including anechoic chambers, radio screens, improved antenna characteristics, and suppression of unwanted reflections.

The theoretical study and experiment of the wave absorber dated back to mid 1930. Then, research in various countries related to radar during World War II, antenna characteristics centered on post-war space electronics Through various histories, such as contributing to improvements, the usage is now increasing for next-generation mobile phone standards, automobile-related, and EMI / EMI-related research.

Our radio wave absorbers are available in various types covering from several tens of megahertz to the terahertz range, and special products such as outdoor exposure, high power, resonance, and walking paths are also available. In addition, most products are self-digesting or flame retardant.

Ultra Wideband Radio Absorbers for 300GHz Released (Jan/2023)